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BATMAN nolan vs comics

Posted by archeopterux on August 24, 2013 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Lets be clear on one aspect- batman is my favorite superhero and fictional character of all times. He was the first superhero is was introduced to through the “batman: the animated series”. Superman came next. There was something terribly addictive about the darkness and the 1940’s world fare living up to the 90s was equally stunning and nostalgia evoking. But who and what exactly is the Batman?

In the interpretation of batman by Alan Moore he makes an ingenious point which sheds a lot of light over who and what batman is

“Batman and joker both are the result of a tragic loss that pushed them to insanity…the difference is that the insanity has driven them in different directions. Batman and the joker are the mirror images of themselves.”

I couldn’t really digest Nolan’s interpretation of the Batman and personally I think that Christian bale was terrible as batman and passable as Bruce Wayne . Why you ask? Follow me through:

One thing that is a must when you interpret a character from the books or comic books to the films is the heart of the character- what drives him, what kind of sense of humor he has, how he thinks, how vulnerable he is emotionally. The physical appearance comes afterwards. if you get the heart right it wouldn’t even matter whether Bruce Wayne is black or white or whether he sports a moustache or not.

Nolan’s batman missed the same soul as the batman from the comics he borrowed from.

1. Batman feeds on fear. His greatest weapon against crime and his foes are not the batmobile or the batwing or the batarangs. These gadgets exists on the whims of the writers. Fear has always been his greatest weapon. In many interpretations of the dark knight Gotham was oblivious to his existence even after 12 -15 years after he started operating. He was more an urban legend , a myth to the underworld and just a story to the gotham civilians. That’s what made an encounter with him that more horrific and terrifying. He is a symbol of fear and penance for the criminals.


But in the Nolan trilogy batman is a symbol of hope rather than a much feared urban legend. He is here to strengthen the hopes and spirit of the masses to fight injustice. That’s more like superman if you ask me.

2. Batman is the epitome of psychological conditioning. He is never unsure of himself. He never jumps into something without already having figures a way out and having a backup plan in case that fails. One can plan 10 steps ahead to beat him but he will already be 100 steps ahead of those 10 steps. He is emotionally invulnerable. To others he is as stoic as stone. What goes on inside him stays inside him.

This is in stark contrast to the Bruce Wayne/batman from the Nolan trilogy. He is almost unsure of himself. He charges without any backup plan and becomes emotionally overwhelmed very easily. This is what led to bane breaking his back in the movie. Whereas in the comics bane had to go through a years of planning and dedication to understand batman’s methodology, overwhelmed him with distractions and finally sucker punched him.

3. Batman in the comic books is obsessed with his work. He doesn’t care about anything else or anybody else. In the storyline “Bruce Wayne: fugitive” he was even about to give up his bruce wayne persona when it becomes more of a liability and hindrance in his work rather than just a cover. In the Dark Knight Returns he gave up being batman because he couldn’t live with batman being the cause of Jason Todd’s death. But was so overwhelmed by his obsession that he starts to wander the cave in his sleep and even shaves his moustache in preparation to don the cape and the cowl again and soon returns with an even more lethal dose of vengeance.

In the movies he stops being the batman for no obvious reason. One can argue that he left the cape and the cowl because he was being hunted by the police as a criminal. Either of the reason is fairly stupid given he is a more stubborn and lethal force than any other in this world or other. Such scenarios has been there in the comics several times but that never even bothered the batman none the less deter him from his path.



4. Physically batman has to downright intimidating. Whether he looks like a ghost a ghoul or a monster it doesn’t matter, he just has to be some form of scary or the impact that he lives on wont be that surreal. This has been very well covered in the “mask of phantasm”.

Nolan’s batman is not at all scary on the other hand looks funny .



All the above are taken from various comics and comes off as scary or intimidating in some way..

 This on the other hand comes off as a bad batman cosplay and humorous to say the least. Confront a criminal with this on and probably you'll get laughed on.

Another major issue that I have with the Nolan series is that he chose a wrong tone for his film. Batman is the most realistic superhero if you take superpowers into account. But that’s the only thing realistic about him. He thrives in an environment which is surreal and comes out from a psychopath’s nightmare. He has a personality which puts him right next to God. He has been described as the most dangerous man on earth by superman in the comic lore. He lives in a surreally dark universe and his personality is developed by it. Humanizing that element takes away the surreal godliness of the character. It’s the same as making superman a narcissist and an anti hero. What makes superman superman , is his innate goodness and gentleness. He is an optimistic and a symbol of hope. Even if you reduce his powers to half of what it is but get his character right people will identify him as superman. I think Nolan failed in that aspect.

Realistically speaking a crack will be too high to be afraid of a large bat in the dark alley an will probably shoot and kill batman r.i.p. end of story. Batman only works in the universe he exists in. try to make it realistic and you’ll have a mess in your hand.

 The nolan series are great movies no doubt. They are just not good batman films. I would rather treat them as a DC Elseworld story.

BEN AFFLECK the new dark knight

Posted by archeopterux on August 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

There's been a lot of backlash from the fans since the news broke out about ben affleck being cast as the Batman/Bruce Wayne. General public is confused as to what to make out of it. The Nolan series has been one of the greatest batman outings on to the silver screen both in respect of fame and money and Christian Bale has become the face of batman/Bruce Wayne very much like that of Hugh Jackman as wolverine.

Now let’s take a look at the director who is helming the project. Zack Snyder is famous for his visual depictions of improbable and impossible characters. Who can forget the visual spectacle that was 300? He was able to visually pull off not only the Spartans and the impossible terrains but managed to make the almost nude red caped Spartans more macho than gay. So it’s very likely that the batman we will get out of the movie will be visually satisfying to almost all demographics.

zack snyder

We all know that Ben Affleck is one hell of a director. As an actor he is passably good in other’s movies but has recently shown great depths in his own movies like Argo and the Town. Though there is nothing to convince us that he can pull off a dark brooding character with an almost dual personality as Bruce Wayne, we can always expect to surprised by him as he did as a director. As for the physicality that goes with the character that’s shouldn’t be a problem as exemplified by Hugh Jackman.hugh jackman (2001)

hugh jackman (2013)

Though Ben Affleck’s venture as the daredevil was not successful to say the least, his jaw line and his physicality as the daredevil was not disappointing at all but almost the other way round.

ben affleck(daredevil)

The only thing that worries me about the film is David S. Goyer. David Goyer is more like an idea man who comes up with cool ideas and new perspectives, but he is a terrible screen writer and generic at his best and Zack Snyder has not been able to shine as a writer as well as evident from his works on Sucker Punch and Legend of the Guardians.

Batman over the years had many interpretations and treatments. Though he is the most realistic superhero according to his superhuman abilities, he comes off as a more fantastic character than superman himself if we go down to his character motivation and the environment that he thrives in, i.e. Gotham. This outing is going to be more like an action packed gritty JLA type interpretation of batman rather than a psychological rabbit hole in his brain and his morbidly twisted enemies. I am not a fan of the Nolan batman series and I’ll be covering that in details the next time. So there’s only so much sh*t that can go wrong with this batman.